As spring comes closer and closer its good to get a head start on your spring to-do list. Here’s a few things we recommend:


Perform an air conditioning test and service your air conditioning system if needed.


Your lawn should be cared for each spring season to keep it beautiful and functional. Plan on doing some re-seeding every year. Check your Quaker homeowner’s manual for more information. 


Walk around the interior and exterior of your home to check for any damage. Here’s a checklist. Take note of things that need professional maintenance. 


Take the time to create a plan for addressing your home maintenance needs, especially if there are things you’ve put off over the winter. Getting everything scheduled and fixed will bring you peace of mind that your home is getting the proper love and care it needs. Getting a head start on your spring maintenance in February will give you time to do it properly and allow you to begin enjoying the nice weather as soon as it comes.