1) Customize your floorplan to fit your way of life

Building a custom home with us means you get to completely customize your house plan to fit your current and future lifestyle. This is arguably one of the best benefits of building a custom home. You have the power to create space in your home for aging parents or au-pairs. Mudrooms and dog baths are great additions if you would like to minimize the amount of dirt and mud tracked inside the rest of your home. Working from home has become the norm for lots of people over the past few years. You have the opportunity to design the perfect home office for you and your family to comfortably and productively work from. Zero entry showers, extra appliances, craft rooms… the list goes on. We can design your house plan to accommodate all these needs and more. 

2) Express yourself

Have you ever had a say in the details of your home? Probably not if you’ve never built a custom home before. You have the chance to hand select light fixtures, door hardware, kitchen appliances, and so much more. Making your dreams come true is our goal, this includes assisting you in choosing every detail of your home- and helping you make these decisions with expert opinions!

3) New home = Less maintenance

When buying a pre-existing home, there can be hidden issues in the foundation and structure that can end up costing you a pretty penny to fix. We use the highest quality materials along with top of the line craftsmanship to ensure your new home is set up to be a comfortable and reliable space. If you build with Quaker, we will provide you with quality customer service and detailed information on how to care for your home to keep it in top shape for decades to come.

4) Perfect location

The world is your oyster. Building with Quaker means you can shop around Northern Virginia for the perfect lot to build on. Do you like being close to D.C. or would you rather reside in the rural countryside? The choice is yours- so take advantage of this important aspect of home building. Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. is a wonderful place to reside and raise a family with some of the best schools, doctors, and national parks in the nation.  

5) Control your budget

We understand that purchasing a custom home is one of the most important expenses you can make. This is why we take cost control seriously and do everything in our power to keep you at budget or lower, subject to our current volatile economic conditions which have vastly impacted price increases across the board. We offer home plans starting at a range of different prices depending on what budget each client is looking for. 

6) Never move again

Do you hate moving? Do you see yourself living in Northern Virginia permanently? Building a custom home gives you the opportunity to truly make a house your home. We will work with you closely to make sure your home is a place you see yourself loving forever. Sit back and relax- we want you to stay for a while.